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Before, it would be quite cumbersome not only for the team and the customers, even the carriers. Wunderite has more of a collaborative nature where both the customer and the agent go to one form together and answer the questions. It would take two or three days to complete an application. Now we’re seeing turnarounds in usually a day. It’s very easy to work with.

Jake Ferrara, StreetSmart Insurance headshot

Jake Ferrara
StreetSmart Insurance

That process of just having them click on the link, go into the application, review it quickly, and easily… It’s a game changer and it ensures that we’re getting accurate and timely information. It allows us to get out to the marketplace much earlier. I can’t imagine the old way anymore.

Ty Whitney Headshot, Whitney Commercial Insurance Advisors

Ty Whitney
Whitney Commercial Insurance Advisors

Wunderite has made the collection and management of data needed for commercial insurance leaps and bounds easier. I am no longer apprehensive with the E&S market, where the money is. I no longer dread commercial renewals. I actually want to shed most of my personal lines so I can focus on commercial lines now that I have Wunderite.

Shahn Christensen
Clients Choice Insurance

I use supplemental applications for almost every quote and client. I previously emailed PDF’s back and forth with prospects/clients. This put the work on them to print & scan or complete in a PDF editor. With Wunderite, I have a simple, standardized process for sending, receiving, and signing applications from prospects and clients. It makes it so much easier on both agent and client!

Jonathan Lugo

I am loving Wunderite! Great solution! I love the support we have received since day-one. Wunderite makes a sometimes painful process of apps less difficult for our clients and prospects. I feel like it gives me more credibility in 2023 utilizing a technology instead of using a .pdf or hand-written (what my agency was doing previously).

James Smith, McGriff Williams Insurance

James Smith
McGriff Williams Insurance

It’s incredible. The ONLY complaint I seriously have is that I did not know of this sooner! Any agent that sells commercial insurance that isn’t using Wunderite is wasting their time!

This literally saves me HOURS and allows me to submit apps much more quickly. It’s a game changer!

Bryce Dees Marshall Insurance

Bryce Dees
Marshall Insurance Group

Sometimes the simplest tasks can be the most time consuming. Collecting accurate application data in a streamlined manner has been a substantial productivity boost for our teams. I appreciate the ability the Wunderite team has given us to automate this process on a platform that is efficient and easy to use by both client and broker.
Moe Elkateb, The Magnes Group, headshot

Moe Elkateb
The Magnes Group

We are impressed, and Wunderite is saving time. You guys have a nice tool, we are noticing time savings of 5-15 min per application, which adds up.
Robert Clark, Clark Insurance Agency, headshot

Robert Clark
Clark Insurance Agency

I think this is one of the best things I have had happen, technology-wise, in a long time.

Bill Snow, The Snow Group Ltd., Headshot

William A. Snow
The Snow Group Ltd.

Wunderite is the insurance product I wish I had many years ago. The ease in producing quality applications and isolating specific questions for our clients has made Wunderite an integral part of our renewal process. In addition, the team at Wunderite has been extremely helpful with helping us get proprietary forms set up for our team, which has increased efficiencies.

Jayme Hamilton, Leif Assurance, Headshot

Jayme Hamilton
Leif Assurance

The customer service, relationship building, and ease of communication with staff at Wunderite has been amazing!! Wunderite has help to reduce immensely the printed paper in our office, reduce the time it takes for insureds to get supplemental apps back to us and the time it takes for signatures to be collected on apps and other agency paperwork. Wunderite has listened to our input on changes or features we would like to see in the future (most of which were already in the creation process). Every opportunity I have I tell other agencies they need to look into Wunderite to see if it is a fit for their agency. Personally, I feel that Wunderite is perfect for every agency, though.

Raeanna Rumore
Main Street Insurors

Wunderite is one of the best and most useful technologies you can buy. The ROI is immediate. We finally have a more modernized system for our outdated industry. Wunderite will get you faster response times from your clients when needing information on Acords or supplemental and allows you to close business quicker. Our clients love the ease of being able to fill out info we need on an Acord or supplemental form on their cell phone. There are so many other great features of Wunderite like property risk data pulls that give you hundreds of characteristics of a property that you need! Wunderite was a must have for my agency and honestly one of the best investments we have made!

Tyson Clark
Clear View Insurance Specialists

Wunderite has been so great for our company! Their form software has saved hours when filling out supplementals. Assigning the questions directly to the customer takes away the overwhelming anxiety people have about commerical insurance. We will be a customer with them for a very long time!

Caden Braly
Braly Insurance Group

Our agency does quite a bit of business in the E&S markets. For years we were hand filling out supplemental applications. I stumbled upon Wunderite and was very intrigued. I set up the initial meeting, and from the moment I met the team, and saw the product, I immediately knew how much value Wunderite would bring to our agency. Since being with Wunderite our staff has been more effective and efficient than ever with supplemental applications. We have saved so much time, and even our clients love working with Wunderite. The Wunderite application library is expansive and if they don’t have an app you are looking for, they can get it added for you very quickly. I couldn’t be happier with the Wunderite platform, and their team is great. If your agency is looking to streamline how you handle supplemental applications, I strongly recommend that you get on board with Wunderite right this minute!

Robert Marine
Lassen, Marine & Webster

This is something I think every single agency should have.

David Carothers - wunderite

David Carothers
Florida Risk Partners

If you do a lot of E+S, supplementals, ACORDs — then you need to check out Wunderite.

Nick Ayers - wunderite
Nick Ayers
Top 10 BrokerTech for 2022

Wunderite is hands down the best new tech in our agency.

Jason Cass
Agency Intelligence