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Carrier Management: “InsurTechs to Watch (The Distribution Channel): Wunderite”

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Carrier Management:

Every publication that reports on insurance these days is divided into at least two camps: the “InsurTech” camp on one side and the “insuretech” devotees on the other….


TechCrunch: “Wunderite raises $3M to build software for indie insurance agencies”

“This morning Wunderite, a Boston-based software startup, announced that it has raised $3 million in an early-stage round led by Spark Capital. Wunderite builds and sells software designed to help insurance agencies more rapidly process insurance applications, and automate some of their processes. With an industry-focus on insurance agencies while providing some API hooks, the startup fits into a number of startup trends, including vertical SaaS, developer-friendly tooling and insurtech …” – TechCrunch

Wunderite Digital Signature Now Included

Digital Signature Now Live

Wunderite now includes digital signature at no extra cost. We packaged a legally binding digital signature directly into your agency workflow, making it easier than ever to


Portmanteau of the German “wunder” (miracle), and “underwrite”, the act of supporting a voyage by physically signing your name under a ship ‘s manifest