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Carrier Management: “InsurTechs to Watch (The Distribution Channel): Wunderite”

Peter MacDonald - wunderite

Carrier Management:

Every publication that reports on insurance these days is divided into at least two camps: the “InsurTech” camp on one side and the “insuretech” devotees on the other….

The Insurance Agency Trendsetters Podcast

Insurance Agency Trendsetters Podcast: Peter and Joe discuss the secret for discovering what insurance buyers want–with Charlotte Hicks (Nowpreneur) and George Robertson (Robertson Consulting). “One form. 550 fields. Agents hate it. Customers hate it. But now there’s another way. Discover how Wunderite has transformed the information-gathering process so it’s simple, effective, and customer-friendly.”

Insurance Town Podcast: bringing wonder back to insurance

This week the mayor – Heath Shearon – sat down with CEO and Founder of Wunderite, Peter MacDonald. We have such a phenomenal conversation about everything from Education to how to get that perfect top of stack Submission!!!