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Wunderite’s Top 22 Forms in 2022

2022 was an incredible year for Wunderite and our customers. Last year, Wunderite surpassed over 3,000 forms published in our Forms Library. Below are the Top 22 forms used and completed by our customers in 2022.

  1. ACORD 125: Commercial Insurance Application

  2. ACORD 126: Commercial General Liability Section

  3. ACORD 140: Property Section

  4. James River Insurance: Contractors Supplemental Application

  5. ACORD 130: Workers Compensation Application

  6. ACORD 131: Umbrella / Excess Section

  7. ACORD 25: Certificate of Liability Insurance

  8. AmWINS: Garage Application

  9. RPS Programs: Non-owned Auto Questionnaire

  10. ACORD 127: Business Auto Section

  11. Atlas: Contractors’ General Liability Application

  12. PMA Companies: Professional Liability General Application

  13. PMA Companies: Human Services & Related Healthcare Liability Supplemental Application

  14. PMA Insurance Group: Abusive Conduct Liability Application

  15. Markel: Contractors Supplemental Application

  16. RPS: Supplemental Residential/adult Daycare Facility Questionnaire

  17. VELA Insurance Services: Contractors Questionnaire

  18. ACORD 35: Cancellation Request / Policy Release

  19. The Hanover Insurance Group: Lawyers Advantage Professional Liability Insurance – Combined AOP Supplemental Questionnaire

  20. PBI Group: New Business Application – Real Estate Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance

  21. The Hanover Insurance Group: Lawyers Advantage Professional Liability Insurance Renewal Application

  22. RSG: Marine Artisans Application


If you are a current Wunderite customer and have questions on any of the above forms, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you want to learn more about Wunderite, our Forms Library, and how to become a Wunderite customer, please contact our sales team here: https://wunderite.com/get-demo/

Kaleigh Earle Hagan
Manager of Customer Success

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Chris Cline and Peter MacDonald share a wrap up conversation of the October 2022 ACT Tech Summit Session.

Insurance Journal: “Insurance Is ›Original Big Data Industry‹”

Former independent agent Peter MacDonald is founder and CEO of Wunderite, an insuretech enabling commercial lines underwriting. Insurance has always been “the original big data industry,” Peter says on this podcast. The key for the industry to evolve its systems, because, “Who wants to work in an industry where all systems are built on technology, forms and terms that are really old?” Further, Peter adds: “I don’t think agents and brokers will go away. The ones who will be here will be the ones who embrace new technology. A lot is possible if you put your mind to it. Independent agents have an advantage – they really understand the space. It’s complex and onerous. It’s an enormous industry. You have to be a niche expert.”