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Say Goodbye to Passwords with Email Authentication

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Wunderite is thrilled to announce the release of a new authentication method that gives you and your insureds the option to ditch your passwords. Email authentication eliminates the need for users to create and maintain passwords, simplifying collaboration with your customers while completing insurance forms and collecting critical information for risk underwriting.

What is email authentication?

Email authentication is a secure and convenient way for users to access Wunderite without the hassle of creating an account or dealing with passwords. With email authentication, users verify their identity by clicking on a link sent to their email, granting them immediate access to Wunderite. This authentication method leverages the trust and familiarity of email, making it a seamless and user-friendly experience.
We added email authentication so that agents and their clients can enjoy a familiar experience that is becoming the industry standard. It’s quickly being embraced by industry-leading file sharing, messaging, and legal platforms for its convenience and security.

Why email authentication?

Our goal is to make your insurance experience fast, simple, and delightful.

  1. Passwords are annoying
    In 2018, Dashlane estimated that the average user has 200 accounts that require password identification and it’s expected to get worse. Most insureds only sign in once or twice a year, making it especially annoying to remember a password. We don’t want to add to the pile. Additionally, one of the top requests from agencies was to find an easier way for their teams and customers to access Wunderite – we’re happy to respond with this latest release.

  2. Make it faster; fewer clicks
    Our legacy invite system created friction by forcing insureds to create a password before an agent could collaborate on things like forms and signatures. It was confusing and annoying. We removed that step so that insureds can collaborate with their agents, fill out forms, and get coverage faster and more efficiently.

  3. More secure
    61% of data breaches in 2020 involved the use of unauthorized credentials. Many users create a security hazard by using the same passwords for multiple apps or storing their passwords in unsafe locations. If someone reuses a non-unique password on Wunderite, that puts your agency and customer data at risk. Email authentication means fewer passwords and fewer passwords make it less likely for malicious actors to gain access to a Wunderite account through compromised credentials. We always recommend that our users enable 2-factor Authentication for an added layer of security.

How does it work?

Previously, after inviting a customer to collaborate, agents had to wait for their customer to accept the invite before they could continue collaborating. It was time-consuming and unnecessarily complex.

Now agents can send forms directly to their customers by email or with a link. The email serves as the authentication method: customers validate their identity and immediately gain access to forms with a single link. It’s that easy!

Passwordless Digital Signature is next!

We’re not done yet! We’re updating Digital Signature to support passwordless email authentication as well. Soon you’ll be able to add first-time users as signers when preparing insurance applications for signature. In a few weeks, your customers will be able to validate their identity and sign a file with a single link; we’re completely removing the intermediary step of requiring customers to validate their identity before an agent could request a signature from them.

We’re excited about making the insurance application and document signing process faster for you and your customers. But we’d also love to hear from you! If you have questions or feedback, contact your Customer Success Manager, or email our Product Manager, Jacob, at [email protected].

For more information about email authentication, check our support article or view a walkthrough video below.

Jacob Parker
Product Manager

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