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Replace your digital signature solution with Wunderite

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When you use Wunderite’s library of 7,300 forms, you get the power to collaborate with insureds, autofill form data, use templates to prefill repetitive answers, and the ability to digitally sign any of those forms. Leverage the power of Wunderite’s proprietary digital signature solution built by Property and Casualty industry veterans for the Property and Casualty insurance industry. You get unlimited signatures included—no monthly or annual cap. Combine tools, save money, and cancel existing digital signature solutions.

Digital Signature at your fingertips

Access the powerful capabilities of Digital Signature with one click. As soon as you login, look for the Request a signature option.

Create or select a customer

Whether you’re working with a new customer or an existing one, the process is seamless. With a few simple clicks, create a new customer profile or select an existing one from your database.

Select or upload forms

Select from our library of thousands of ACORDs, forms, and supplementals. If there is a specific form that is not in our library, no worries! You can easily upload your own PDFs for digital signing.

Customize and prepare your packet

Tailor the forms to your customer’s requirements using our intuitive drag and drop interface. Name your packet, add multiple forms or PDFs, and assign multiple signers if needed.

Send for signature

Share a signature packet with your insured by email or with a secure link. With passwordless email authentication, no account creation is necessary for your insureds.

Secure and legally binding signatures

Wunderite ensures the utmost security and legal compliance for your signed documents. Insureds can access and sign forms from any device. Digital signatures are legally binding and include an audit trail with user IP address and activity log, guaranteeing the integrity of your files.

Simplify your process

Streamline your workflow with Digital Signature Quick Start, enhance collaboration with insureds, and save costs by eliminating the need for additional digital signature solutions you’re already paying for. With unlimited signatures included, you no longer have to worry about monthly or annual usage caps.

Simplify the insurance application process, empower your agency, and delight your customers with cutting-edge solutions. By focusing on the job you hire us to do, we have transformed the digital signature process into a seamless and efficient experience.

To learn more about our innovative approach and how Wunderite can help you optimize your insurance workflows, check out our previous blog post on adopting a “Jobs to be Done” framework.