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Passwordless Login

Last week, we released Passwordless Login. Wunderite makes it easy for your agency and your customers to login with passwordless authentication.

What is passwordless? 

Passwordless means allowing users to access systems without entering a password. Face ID on iPhone is one example of passwordless.

We implemented the Magic Link approach: When you want to login, Wunderite emails you (or your customer) a one-time authentication link. Simply click the link in your email, and you are instantly logged in. No more guessing or resetting your password.

Why Magic Link?

Magic Links are great for software with infrequent use by end users. Think about your own experience as an end user, say for a rewards program or tax documents. You might login once or twice a year. Trying to remember your password is a barrier to usage: try logging in, can’t remember password, hit reset, open email, click link, maybe answer a challenge question, think of a new password, maybe save it in your password manager. 

Or maybe you’re on the road, get an urgent email from your accountant, try to take next steps, only to realize your password is saved on your desktop or laptop computer, not on your smartphone.

The typical end customer in insurance completes supplementals just a few times a year, typically at renewal. Magic Link is well suited to their usage frequency: magic link helps avoid password friction.

Is it secure?

The short answer is yes, Magic Link is secure. Some would argue magic link is more secure than logging in with passwords (which are frequently easy to guess, used across multiple websites, or exposed in a data breach). You can still login with username and password if you prefer.


Peter MacDonald
Co-founder & CEO


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