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Favorite your agency’s frequently used insurance applications for faster use

Wunderite Form Favorites

Most agencies use only a fraction of Wunderite’s 4,000 (and growing) insurance applications (ACORDs, forms, and supplementals). Wunderite’s new Team Favorites helps your agency fill out forms faster by enabling you to bookmark your most commonly used applications.

How it works

Favorites work much like browser bookmarks: keep your most important resources front and center.

Favorite a Form: Select the star icon (⭐) on the top right of any insurance application in Wunderite’s Forms Library to save the form to your agency’s Team Favorites page.

Use a Favorited form: From the Forms Library, select Team Favorites. Favorited forms are saved for your entire agency. When any agent on your team favorites or unfavorites a form, the Team Favorites page updates to reflect the changes—for your entire agency.

Unfavorite a form: A form that is favorited will display with a solid star icon, while forms that are not favorited will display with an outline star. To unfavorite a form, select the the star icon (⭐) on the top right of any favorited insurance application.

Use Favorites to onboard new agency members and keep your book optimized

Most agency leaders want to focus their team’s insurance marketing efforts to the agency’s top carrier and wholesale trading partners. But in a hardening market, and with new employees, it can be easy for the team to forget to prioritize the agency’s top trading partners.

Favorites improves agency onboarding: when your agency make new hires, use Favorites to accelerate the new hire onboarding process. Favorites tells new hires: these are the types of business we write from the carriers and wholesalers we prefer to work with.

What’s next for Favorites?

We are updating the Forms Quick Start experience to include both Templates and Favorites (alongside a refreshed design).

Separately, we are considering Prioritized Searches and Personal Favorites.

Prioritized Searches mean that favorited forms, when relevant, will get preferential search results. For example, suppose you’ve favorited Cowbell Cyber and search “Cyber,” expect the Cowbell Cyber to be close to the top. This keeps favorites front and center.

Personal Favorites are controlled by individual users (where Team Favorites apply to an entire agency). With Personal Favorites you can save your personal top forms, markets, or niches that other agency members couldn’t accidentally change.

Would Prioritized Searches or Personal Favorites benefit your agency? Let us know! Reach out in app with the support chat, to your Customer Success Manager, or email Philip, Manager of UX, at [email protected]. You can also provide feedback by booking a time with Philip on Calendly here.

Philip MacDonald
Manager of UX

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