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Digital Signature Now Live

Wunderite Digital Signature Now Included

Wunderite now includes digital signature at no extra cost. 

We packaged a legally binding digital signature directly into your agency workflow, making it easier than ever to fill, share, and sign applications, supplementals, ACORDsany documentin as few steps as possible.

By building digital signature in house, Wunderite makes this crucial step available to all users with the same login you already use, at no extra cost and with no extra integrations.

Wunderite’s digital signature works on all contemporary devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) in workflows you already use. (Preparing signatures works best from larger screens). You can sign forms from our library, or upload any of your own PDFs. Our signing workflow supports single and multi signer documents. We implemented automated email notifications and link sharing. You can send single documents or packets of individually signable documents (when you need multiple signed).

The signature itself can be typed, drawn, or uploaded so that your signature displays your preferred way every time–including initials and full signature.

Wunderite (Logo)

Why digital signature?

Nearly everyone has signed something electronically, both in person and from their own device. I’ve recently signed electronically at the following places:

  • ATV tour company (liability waiver, tiny LCD screen)
  • Car dealership (purchase agreement, iPad Pro)
  • Restaurant (bill + tip, iPad)
  • At home (software proposal, my PC)

From banks, to the DMV, to your local kids lemonade stand using Square, businesses are adopting electronic and digital signatures, building frictionless experiences that make sales easy.

Why in-house?

By building digital signature in-house, we can better control:

  • cost (no added cost)
  • workflows that make sense for agents (on all devices)
  • automatic activity tracking (searchable, filterable, for Errors and Omissions)

This aligns with our thesis that agents need purpose built software that combines commoditized functions (eg. digital signature) with customizable workflow (API-first architecture) to best suit each agency’s needs, at a fair price. This software is best built in close collaboration with agents and by putting agencies and their customers first.


Peter MacDonald
Co-founder & CEO

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Portmanteau of the German “wunder” (miracle), and “underwrite”, the act of supporting a voyage by physically signing your name under a ship ‘s manifest