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Agent Dashboard: See Forms, Signatures, and Invites that are in progress

Wunderite Agent Dashboard

Historically, agents signing into Wunderite would be greeted with Quick Actions (Send or fill out a form; Request a signature; and Create new risk profile) in addition to recently updated Risk Profiles. However, the profiles that you recently worked on aren’t necessarily indicative of what requires your attention.

What do I need to work on next?

Organize, prioritize, and improve efficiency. Take the guesswork out of what’s still in progress and what has already been completed. Wunderite’s new Agent Dashboard shows:

  1. 📄 Forms in progress
  2. ✒️ Files awaiting signature
  3. 👤 Customer invites not accepted
Wunderite Agent Dashboard - Search or Filter
1. Filter by All Profiles or My Profiles 2. Search by file name or risk profile

Useful features

  1. My Profiles vs. All Profiles
    By default, agents only see forms, files, and invites related to profiles that they are a collaborator on: “My Profiles.” However, agents can switch to all agency team profiles on the top right of the dashboard but changing “My Profiles” to “All Profiles.”
  2. Search
    Use the search bar in the top left of the dashboard to search across all profiles that have pending forms, signatures, or invites.
  3. Mobile
    Use any device and easily keep tabs on your work while on-the-go.
Wunderite Agent Dashboard - Mobile
Mobile view of agent dashboard

Measure agency adoption

Agency administrators get better visibility into the adoption of Wunderite at their agency, highlighting the time and cost savings of Wunderite’s digital forms and signatures. From the top right of the dashboard, update “My Profiles” to “All Profiles” to get a peek all of your agency’s insurance applications and supplementals moving through Wunderite.

What’s next for the Agent Dashboard?

Displaying all forms, signatures, and invites in progress is the first Wunderite iteration towards better insights at your agency. Later iterations could include recently completed work and a renewals and expirations dashboard. Let us know what key metrics would empower you to increase your sales and renewal efficiency. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email me at [email protected]. You can also provide feedback by booking a time on Calendly here.

Philip MacDonald
Manager of UX

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