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Wunderite Agent Dashboard

Agent Dashboard: See Forms, Signatures, and Invites that are in progress

Historically, agents signing into Wunderite would be greeted with Quick Actions (Send or fill out a form; Request a signature; and Create new risk profile) in addition to recently updated Risk Profiles. However, the profiles that you recently worked on aren’t necessarily indicative of what requires your attention. What do I need to work on next? Organize, prioritize, and improve

Required Questions - Warning Modal

Complete applications faster with required questions

Agents using Wunderite now have the ability to mark form questions required. Make the renewal process smoother and faster for everyone involved by… Making it clear which questions are required for receiving a quote. For example, most carriers require annual revenue, employee count, and annual payroll on supplementals. Ensuring agents receive completed applications from their insureds faster, saving them time

Wunderite Digital Signature - Prepare File Screenshot

Replace your digital signature solution with Wunderite

When you use Wunderite’s library of forms, you get the power to collaborate with insureds, autofill form data, use templates to prefill repetitive answers, and the ability to digitally sign any of those forms. Leverage the power of Wunderite’s proprietary digital signature solution built by Property and Casualty industry veterans for the Property and Casualty insurance industry. You get unlimited

Wunderite simplified a 19-step process to 5 steps by adopting a jobs to be done framework

Adopt a “Jobs to be Done” framework to simplify a 19-step process to 5 steps

Customers buy products to do a job. By identifying what jobs customers hire your software to do, you can simplify your user experience and increase customer value, engagement, and likelihood that they will renew. When we started Wunderite, we had a core group of early adopter insurance agents that were engaged, using the software, and giving us feedback. The pain

Wunderite Form Favorites

Favorite your agency’s frequently used insurance applications for faster use

Most agencies use only a fraction of Wunderite’s 4,000 (and growing) insurance applications (ACORDs, forms, and supplementals). Wunderite’s new Team Favorites helps your agency fill out forms faster by enabling you to bookmark your most commonly used applications. How it works Favorites work much like browser bookmarks: keep your most important resources front and center. Favorite a Form: Select the

Email Authentication Screenshot

Say Goodbye to Passwords with Email Authentication

Wunderite is thrilled to announce the release of a new authentication method that gives you and your insureds the option to ditch your passwords. Email authentication eliminates the need for users to create and maintain passwords, simplifying collaboration with your customers while completing insurance forms and collecting critical information for risk underwriting. What is email authentication? Email authentication is a

Wunderite Response Page Rebuild

Unlock the Power of Digital Forms with Response 2.0

Wunderite helps insurance agents collaborate with their customers and abandon paper in the process. We built our initial Forms Response page while digitizing the first 100 insurance applications (i.e. PDF forms) in our library. After digitizing and mapping over 3,500 forms, it was time to rebuild from scratch. What does this mean for agents? You’ll immediately notice a few updates:

Defining Wunderite's Design Principles

Defining Wunderite’s Design Principles

Effective teams (and individuals) name the behaviors they want to repeat and define the principles they want to adhere to. It’s a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy: name and define, live them, repeat them. If you don’t define the vision, then it’s impossible to truly know what you’re building towards. Jon Yablonski, author of Laws of UX (book) and the companion website, knows

Wunderite Form Templates

4 Ways Form Templates Can Automate Your Workflow

Wunderite is excited to announce the release of Form Templates. You can now create templated sets of answers for any ACORD or insurance application using Wunderite’s Forms Library. Templates let you reuse the same set of answers (e.g. mark all questions as “Not Applicable”) on a form for reuse across clients and across your agency. Watch our walkthrough video to

Demystifying APIs

Chris Cline and Peter MacDonald share a wrap up conversation of the October 2022 ACT Tech Summit Session.

Wunderite’s Top 22 Forms in 2022

2022 was an incredible year for Wunderite and our customers. Last year, Wunderite surpassed over 3,000 forms published in our Forms Library. Below are the Top 22 forms used and completed by our customers in 2022. ACORD 125: Commercial Insurance Application ACORD 126: Commercial General Liability Section ACORD 140: Property Section James River Insurance: Contractors Supplemental Application ACORD 130: Workers

Power Producers Podcast Shop Talk (Session 4)

In part four of a four part Shop Talk podcast series, CEO & Co-Founder Peter MacDonald sits down with Power Producers Podcast hosts David Carothers and Kyle Houck to discuss band of pricing.

Power Producers Podcast Shop Talk (Session 3)

In part three of a four part Shop Talk podcast series, CEO & Co-Founder Peter MacDonald sits down with Power Producers Podcast hosts David Carothers and Kyle Houck to discuss steps that new agents can take when starting to build their book of business.

Power Producers Podcast Shop Talk (Session 2)

In part two of a four part Shop Talk podcast series, CEO & Co-Founder Peter MacDonald sits down with Power Producers Podcast hosts David Carothers and Kyle Houck to discuss broker selection with your clients.

Agents Growth Academy Podcast: Faster, Easier, Better

The Titanic: the biggest insurance claim of the century. Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat: the greatest historical insurance negotiation. Join guest Peter MacDonald from Wunderite and host Jim Schubert on this episode of Agents Growth Academy to be proud to be a part of the lubrication that’s brought function to society.

Power Producers Podcast Shop Talk (Session 1)

In part one of a four part Shop Talk podcast series, CEO & Co-Founder Peter MacDonald sits down with Power Producers Podcast hosts David Carothers and Kyle Houck to discuss some tips and tactics Peter used to become a successful insurance producer and how that ultimately led to the development of Wunderite.

Getting Past the Premium Podcast: Finding Success as an Insurance Risk Advisor

Elliot Bassett & Ryan Brott welcome Co-founder & CEO Peter Macdonald to the Getting Past the Premium Podcast to discuss his time as an insurance agent and how that led him to create software to help others like him become successful. Over the years, he has learned tips, tricks and methods that have helped him become a trusted advisor to his clients. He took that knowledge and used it to begin automating insurance applications for independent agents and their clients.

Power Producers Podcast: Breaking the Mould

David Carothers and Kyle Houck chat with Wunderite Sales Team Lead Dillon Reed to share his insights on the insurance industry, insurtech and his transition from agent Wunderite.

Before, During, After Checklist

Have you ever been to an awful meeting? Most people don’t like meetings.  Meetings are frequently inefficient, repetitive, twice as long as they need to be, and don’t end in action. Is your agency contributing to the problem? How many producers at your agency run effective meetings? After your team works hard to earn a new business meeting with a

Passwordless Login

Passwordless (Magic Link) Login

Last week, we released Passwordless Login. Wunderite makes it easy for your agency and your customers to login with passwordless authentication. What is passwordless?  Passwordless means allowing users to access systems without entering a password. Face ID on iPhone is one example of passwordless. We implemented the Magic Link approach: When you want to login, Wunderite emails you (or your

Automating Your Email Marketing

Your prospects are your #1 priority. Unfortunately, you aren’t always theirs. When leads start to go cold and you begin looking for a way to reconnect, it may be time to implement automated email marketing. Automated email marketing can offer most agencies one of the best returns on investment when it comes to re-engaging leads.  A recent study showed that

Engaging Your Prospects Through Automation

People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. To build trust, you need to engage your prospects. Pretend you’re at a networking event. You meet a business owner and the conversation picks up quickly. You ask questions about their business and themselves, finding out some fun facts and informative tidbits. Business cards and text messages are

Automating Your Phone System

What’s worse than a phone that never seems to stop ringing? A silent one! Your phone is your agency’s lifeline to your clients and prospects; they need to be able to reach you. By automating your phone system and integrating it with your CRM or AMS, you can make the most out of the most important piece of tech in

Digital Signature Now Live

Wunderite now offers digital signature. Legally binding. In your agency workflow. Easier than ever to fill, share, and sign any document.

The MVP Podcast: What’s your Common Denominator of Success

Mitch Gibson sits down with Co-Founder and CEO of Wunderwrite, Peter MacDonald on this episode of the MVP Podcast to discuss the things he learned as a young agent 7 years ago which gave him the tools and ability to build an amazing product like Wunderwrite.